A brand-new team competition was announced as part of the new Indoor Archery World Series, launched in 2018 to build on the success of the old Indoor Archery World Cup as an open-entry tournament circuit for elite and recreational archers.

The team competition is open for registration from clubs, companies, national federations and custom teams. Teams are ranked by the combined ranking points accrued by team members at each event, with the best three results across the season used in the team ranking.

Entries are accepted for recurve or compound teams, with members being of either gender. No archer may shoot for more than one team in any given season. The whole team must compete at an event to receive a ranking position.

It costs 1500 CHF to enter a team for the season. There is a 50% discount available for squads that mix both male and female athletes, and further discounts available for companies that participate in World Archery’s industry sponsorship programme.

A minimum of 90% of the collected registration fees will be paid back to teams in a prize fund.

This new team event is, for the first time, an opportunity for companies and clubs – as well as national teams – to gain the exposure of performing at an international event.

The circuit includes stages in Luxembourg, Macau, Italy, Korea, France and the USA.

Register a team for the Indoor Archery World Series using the attached nomination form. Registrations will be accepted until 23 November 2018 after the first stage in Strassen, Luxembourg.

2018 Indoor Archery World Series

*The first two days of The Vegas Shoot make up the Indoor Archery World Series stage.

The Indoor Archery World Series is a collection of open-entry tournaments for elite and recreational archers.