Nottingham Weather Report: Rain Warning in Nottingham For India-New Zealand Tie

The Met Office in England have issue a ‘yellow warning’ for heavy rain in Nottingham area from Monday (June 10) through to mid-day on Thursday (June 13), the day on which India face New Zealand in their ICC World Cup match at Trent Bridge.

The weather forecast for Nottingham is for heavy rain from Monday to about 7pm on Wednesday, when it will be replaced by lighter rain.

That lighter rain is expected to finally come to an end at about lunchtime on Thursday. Thankfully for both teams, the rain lightened up sufficiently on Wednesday for India to hold a practice session in the morning.

The prediction for Thursday is of variable cloudiness coupled with rainy spells. The maximum temperature will be around 13 degree through the day, making it chilly conditions for the teams in the field.

Nottingham hasn’t witnessed any glimpse of the sun since Monday, so it remains to be seen how outfield will dry up and the pitch has been under covers all this time.

This World Cup has already witnessed three washed-out encounter — the most in any World Cup till date. The absence of reserve days for league games is already becoming a talking point in this tournament.

If the game is washed-out both India and New Zealand will get one point each. New Zealand are at the top of the points table with six points from three games and India have four points from two games with two victories.