MS Dhoni's Childhood Coach Keshav Banerjee Dismisses His Ward's Retirement Rumours

Former India skipper MS Dhoni’s childhood coach Keshav Banerjee believes that the rumours surrounding his wards retirement are untrue. Accoring to him, Dhoni will come out in the open and tell everyone about the decision when the time is right.

“Dhoni is not the kind of person who will call up people and tell them ‘I am retiring’. He knows how to do it. When he will feel it is time, he will inform BCCI and call a proper press conference and do all the things that need to be done. Like he did when he called time on his Test career,” Banerjee told IANS from Ranchi on Thursday.

Banerjee talked about this issue, when on Wednesday, #Dhoniretires started trending on Twitter. In fact Sakshi Dhoni too took to Twitter and dismissed the rumour. She tweeted, “Its only rumours! I understand Lockdown has made people mentally unstable! #DhoniRetires… Get a life! (sic).”

Banerjee further made it clear that Dhoni still has cricket left in him and can still return to the T20 World Cup team, even if it’s supposed to be held next year. The 38-year-old was supposed to play in the IPL as a preparation for the World Cup.

“You don’t go by social media. There are many things that become ‘trends’ but end up as fake news. I don’t know why people are after Dhoni. I know him well and I can tell you, he will let all of us know when he thinks he has to retire,” Banerjee added.