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Rower’s Choice is a consortium of Sykes Racing, Resolute Racing and Finish Line Rowing. Rower’s Choice has assumed full responsibility for the management and operations of all three entities.

The newly formed group offers a range of complimentary products and services:

  • New Resolute racing shells with the renowned reputation for speed, stiffness and durability;
  • New Sykes racing shells with a proven track record of speed, durability and all-round value;
  • Used boats of all makes and sizes through Finish Line Rowing;
  • Repair and/or Refurbishment programs again through Finish Line Rowing.

The company mission is to be the world’s leading producers of rowing products and services. Using our portfolio of brands to differentiate our wide range of offerings we seek to provide the sport of rowing with the opportunity to maximize talent and speed with the most responsive, innovative, and reliable rowing products in the world.